Parade History

The Phoenix Veterans Day Parade Mission Statement: To create an annual Veterans Day Parade to honor the contributions of our United States Veterans, and help build a patriotic Phoenix community spirit that recognizes the sacrifices Veterans make for our country.

Since 1997 the City of Phoenix has partnered with different entities to put on the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. Currently the partnership is shared with Honoring Arizona’s Veterans, a non-profit (501c3) which raises the necessary funds to present the parade. The parade is coordinated by Paula Pedene and a team of individuals who lead the effort to put on a successful event. Pedene created the parade in 1997 and leads its inception to present day.

The Parade theme changes each year and is designed to recognize all Veterans on a rotating basis. The themes include:

  • Salute to Patriots – 1997
  • Let Freedom Ring – 1998
  • Celebrating Our Freedom – 1999
  • Freedom Marches On – 2000
  • Freedom Isn’t Free-2001
  • With Honor, Pride, and Patriotism – 2002
  • Heroes One and All – 2003
  • Remembering Their Sacrifice – 2004
  • Serving Home and Abroad, “Honoring our World War II Veterans”–2005
  • Americas Veterans, Heroes through the decades Our 10th Year – 2006
  • Hearts of Valor – 2007
  • Serving With Honor – 2008
  • Home of the Free – Because of the Brave – 2009
  • Defending Freedom – Protecting Dreams – 2010
  • Veteran’s – Our Resilient Heroes – 2011
  • Healing Wounds, Honoring Their Sacrifice – 2012
  • Saluting America’s Veterans 2013
  • Duty, Honor, Sacrifice, Celebrating our World War II Veterans –2014
  • No Longer Forgotten, Honoring our Korean War Veterans – 2015
  • Welcome Home Vietnam Heroes, Celebrating our 20th Year – 2016